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Puerto Princesa: Cowrie Island


Cowrie island is located within Honda Bay is about 8 kilometers northeast of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan.Just 5-10 minutes off Honda Bay wharf in Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, nestles a charming island that was named after the small-to-large sea snail, marine gastropod mollusc they call cowrie. Read more: Puerto Princesa: Cowrie Island

Sabang – gateway to the Underground River

choice25mainIf you’re heading to the St. Paul Subterrenean River or popularly known as Underground River – a must-see if you’re in Puerto Princesa, you’ll be passing by Sabang – a small municipality/town in Puerto Princesa city.Read more: Sabang – gateway to the Underground River

Puerto Princesa’s – Baker’s Hill

choice23mainOne of the things that comes to mind for some tourists who visit this place is the delicious “hopia”, a local pastry that originated from immigrants of Fujian province (mainland China) who introduced it into the country, in various flavours. It’s being sold at the small bakeshop near the main entrance – very strategic location indeed.Read more: Puerto Princesa’s – Baker’s Hill

Puerto Princesa: Salvacion View Deck

choice21mainSalvacion Viewdeck is situated on a hillside cliff just along the main highway of Puerto Princesa North Road.

Quiet place commanding a nice view of the small islets on the bay. It’s Sunday when we went there, so no one is manning the small souvenir shop and coffee corner, no entry fee, this is one of those freebies in the city. Read more: Puerto Princesa: Salvacion View Deck

Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park

choice22mainUpdate 2013: After more than a decade, I visited the Puerto Princesa Underground River or PPUR. Lots of improvement, there’s a concrete platform quay now and lunch is at Sabang, no longer at the underground river park where the monkeys are grabbing your food. Read more: Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park

Puerto Princesa: Rivers at Brgy. Irawan

choice20mainBarangay Irawan’s is one of the district of Puerto Princesa City not very far from the crocodile farm. It’s fame is owed to its being home to Asia’s longest canopy zipline at 1.3 kilometers long with it’s fascinating skywalk. But I’m not going to talk about the Eco-Park.Read more: Puerto Princesa: Rivers at Brgy. Irawan

Puerto Princesa: Plaza Cuartel

choice19mainJust beside the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral is a small park, sort of a small-ish version of Luneta or Rizal Park in the city of Manila.

No entry fee getting in the plaza.

The fortress-looking entrance has an underground tunnel on its left side. Read more: Puerto Princesa: Plaza Cuartel

Puerto Princesa: Nagtabon Beach

choice18mainNagtabon Beach is a bit out of the way of the tourist trail. The road to there is bumpy and most are under construction, a bit concrete on some parts, mostly gravel on others. Read more: Puerto Princesa: Nagtabon Beach

Puerto Princesa: Mitra’s Ranch

choice17mainAfter visiting Baker’s Hill, just few minutes walk, about 5 – 8 minutes on a well concrete road is Mitra’s Ranch. As the name suggests, it’s a ranch named after the owner (or former?) Ramon “Monching” Villarosa Mitra Jr., a prominent Filipino statesman, diplomat, and a renowned pro-democracy activist.Read more: Puerto Princesa: Mitra’s Ranch

Puerto Princesa: Irawan Art Café and Gallery

choice16mainThe Irawan Art Cafe and Gallery is actually the reception/registration hall for the many activities in the eco-park including the 1.3 kilometer or so zipline, dubbed as “Asia’s longest Zipline”. Other activities are Skywalk, Tarzan Swing, Wall Climbing, Jungle and River trail, Carabao cart ride, and the Butterfly Garden.Read more: Puerto Princesa: Irawan Art Café and Gallery

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