Welcome to Palawan Joe

I am Palawan Joe… After long time searching for a place to escape the rat race I have chosen Palawan. This is a special tropical paradise Island Province located in the MIMAROPA region of The Philippines. It faces the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea.

The island itself is aerodynamic to the northern winds and experiences safe surf throughout its beachfronts. Here you will find over 1,700 islands/islets, rocky coves and sugar white beaches. The cost of living is low, people are friendly and stress is nonexistent. It is time you too revaluated your priorities in life and come check out one of theani-mouse world’s last natural frontiers. Leave your rat wheel behind and come join our growing numbers here in Palawan.

This website is close to my heart and is an ever evolving project dedicated to any foreigner wishing to make Palawan their home. The opinions expressed in this website are wholly mine alone. It is not my intent to make money, offend, omit or irritate any nationality, sex or creed. To comment or contribute please email me at joe@palawanjoe.com.

Successfully living in Palawan for retirement or a lifestyle choice can be accomplished in three general phases; planning, testing and doing. How long each phase takes depends on what kind of rat you are and how fast you ran the race from where you are escaping from.

In planning you should consider where in Palawan to live, who to live with and what to do with your time. Fortunately the cost of living is low here so you don’t need a lot of money. I recommend at least $1,000 for monthly expenses.

In testing you need to come here to check out the lay of the land, business/lifestyle choices and the people. It is a good idea to spend some time meeting the local government officials too. I know some rats that are on their 9th trip here still talking about wishing to make it their final time.

In doing the permanent transition as I have done you should have already selected a property, mate, bank, lawyer and vehicle. Hopefully in this website I have shed some light and rang some bells to you grasp what it will take to.